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By Edward Anschutz

(Sturgeon Bay, WI) July 19, 2015 Results- After a 3-wide battle Jamie Suchocki took home his second feature win in as many weeks at Thunderhill Raceway. Other feature winners were Greg Gretz (IMCA Modified), Jacob Zellner (IMCA Sport Mod), Dave Schmidt (IMCA Hobby Stock), Billy LeMieux (Street Stock) and Nathan Delsart (Thunder Truck). For video of the nightly races check out Pain Racing on Facebook or YouTube. For photos check out

Next Sunday, July 26 Door Counties favorite son, Greg Aregoni will be announcing the action. Night twelve will be brought to you by Woody’s Signs of…


Photos by Dan Lewis Photography –

By Edward Anschutz

(Sturgeon Bay, WI) July 12, 2015 Results- Jamie Suchocki out lasted Jeremy Anschutz to score his first IMCA Stock Car feature of the season at Thunderhill Raceway. Other feature winners were Greg Gretz (IMCA Modified), Josh Lambert (IMCA Sport Mod), Marcus Moede (IMCA Hobby Stock) & James Dahlstrom (Street Stock)

The drivers bike race and give-away will take place next Sunday at Thunderhill Raceway and be brought to you by Bissen Asphalt and Sturgeon Bay Sand & Gravel. Racing starts at 5:30pm

Rookie Kevin Luedtke…


Photos by Dan Lewis Photography –

By Edward Anschutz

(Sturgeon Bay, WI) July 5, 2015 Results- Josh Lambert scored the biggest win of his young career in the IMCA Sport Mods, out dueling defending track champ Chris Budzban for the win at Thunderhill Raceway. Other feature winners were Tyler Hackett (IMCA Modified), Shawn Havel (IMCA Stock Car), CJ Weckler (IMCA Hobby Stock) and Jeremy DuBois (Street Stock).

A total of 22 IMCA Sport Mods took the green flag for the 40 lap $1000 to win main event. Draw redraw format put Chris Budzban…