20 Questions with Marcus Moede

Photo provided by Dan Lewis – (www.danlewisphoto.net)

Marcus Moede

Name: Marcus Moede

Nickname: Way Fast Whitey

Age: 30

Division: IMCA Hobby

Car Number: 9

1. Who was your favorite driver growing up?
Chargin’ Charlie Kroll

2. Most memorable moment in racing?
Winning the last chance race and then going on to make the big show at the 2007 IMCA Supernationals

3. What’s your favorite food?
Village Kitchen Breakfast

4. What do you drive for a street vehicle?
1999 Grand Am GT and a 2001 Ford F-250

5. What or who got you into racing?
My and my brother Derek both decided to buy bombers, and neither one of us knew a thing about racing at the time.

6. How many years have you been racing?
9 Years

7. Most forgettable moment in racing?
Too many to list, every bad nite becomes forgettable

8. Who is your biggest rival/competition?
Currently Derek Moede and Tom Brumlic

9. What’s your favorite movie?
Every race fans favorite “Days of Thunder”

10. If you weren’t racing, what hobby would you have?
Probably do more Hunting and Fishing

11. What was your first car number?

12. Where was your first race at?
Thunderhill in the bomber class

13. What is your favorite music group or band?

14. First memory in racing?
Getting Yelled at by the points leader (orange 71 car) for being in his way and that I should learn how to drive.

15. How did you pick your current number?
My brother Derek had #8 so i took #9.

16. What is your favorite race track?
Luxemburg Speedway

17. What divisions have you raced in?
Bomber, IMCA Hobby and a few times in a IMCA Stock car.

18. What type of driver are you?

19. What type of track do you prefer?
Black Dry Slick

20. Why do you race?
For the desire to get that next win