20 Questions with Jay Matthias

Photo by Dan Lewis (www.danlewisphoto.net)

Jay Matthias - #8 IMCA Modified

Name: Jay Matthias

Nickname: Big Money

Division: IMCA Modified

Car Number: 8

1. Who was your favorite driver growing up?
Gene Mathu

2. Most memorable moment in racing?
First race. Wasn’t very good.  Actually ran over my own front bumper.

3. What’s your favorite food?
I like steak. A nice Med rare ribeye broiled.

4. What do you drive for a street vehicle?
Geo Tracker

5. What or who got you into racing?
I’d blame Mike Tebon. And Aaron M. Had so much fun couldn’t imagine doing anything else on a Saturday night.

6. How many years have you been racing?
Since 1990. Wow, you would think I’d be better at it by now.

7. Most forgettable moment in racing?
Claiming eww.

8. Who is your biggest rival/competition?
No rivals. I wish we all would win each night.

9. What’s your favorite movie?
Stroked Ace

10. If you weren’t racing, what hobby would you have?

11. What was your first car number?
71, damn nice number too. Back in the day there were so many street stocks. Wasn’t easy to pick a number that wasn’t already used.

12. Where was your first race at?
Luxemburg. Thunderhill wasn’t running then.

13. What is your favorite music group or band?
My mod at 8500 rpm. Damn chip.

14. First memory in racing?
Watching at WIR. Was young had to stuff toilet paper in my ears.

15. How did you pick your current number?
Went with 8 when I switched to stocks. Bill felt a single digit number was less paint.

16. What is your favorite race track?
Thunderhill Raceway

17. What divisions have you raced in?
street stocks, stocks, mods, electric barstools.

18. What type of driver are you?
cautious and low risk. I do run out of talent now and then.

19. What type of track do you prefer?
Lately I like rough and bumpy. Gotta get some air each lap.

20. Why do you race?
Well I already have all this stuff.