20 Questions with David Baenen

Photo by Mary Lewis (www.danlewisphoto.net)

20 Questions with David Baenen

Name: David Baenen

Nickname: NOT Bashin’ Baenen

Age: 50

Division: Street Stock

Car Number: 98

1. Who was your favorite driver growing up?
Rusty Wallace

2. Most memorable moment in racing?
Winning my first feature at Luxemburg Speedway in the first car we built from scratch

3. What’s your favorite food?

4. What do you drive for a street vehicle?
Buick LeSabre (OLD)

5. What or who got you into racing?
My cousin Brian Baenen and my brother John

6. How many years have you been racing?

7. Most forgettable moment in racing?
Spinning out the last corner of the last lap of the feature, after leading the majority of the race that would have given us a clean sweep for the second week in a row

8. Who is your biggest rival/competition?
Phil Hiles… or whoever is front of me

9. What’s your favorite movie?
Forrest Gump

10. If you weren’t racing, what hobby would you have?
Whatever my ex-wife would have wanted me to be doing

11. What was your first car number?

12. Where was your first race at?
Luxemburg Speedway

13. What is your favorite music group or band?
Alice Cooper

14. First memory in racing?
Going to the races with my cousins

15. How did you pick your current number?
It was the year I started racing

16. What is your favorite race track?
Thunderhill Raceway

17. What divisions have you raced in?
Street Stock

18. What type of driver are you?
It depends…

19. What type of track do you prefer?

20. Why do you race?