20 Questions with Chris Budzban

Photo by Dan Lewis (www.danlewisphoto.net)

#X IMCA Northern Sportmod driver Chris Budzban

Name: Chris Budzban

Nickname: Budzo

Age: 24

Division: IMCA Northern Sportmod

Car Number: X

1. Who was your favorite driver growing up?
Roy Ihlenfeldt & John Gregorich

2. Most memorable moment in racing?
It was taking 9th place last year at 141 from 20th starting spot, but now it’s winning a semi-feature at Luxemburg on 5/27/11.

3. What’s your favorite food?

4. What do you drive for a street vehicle?
1999 Saturn SL2 (aka Budzomobile)

5. What or who got you into racing?
Being around the sport my whole life because my dad was heavily involved in it.

6. How many years have you been racing?
This is my 2nd full year

7. Most forgettable moment in racing?
Blowing up my motor in my enduro car at 141 Speedway, they had to red flag the race because of all the fluids I dumped on the track.

8. Who is your biggest rival/competition?
Don’t really have one, but Jarred VanLaanen and I seem to be around each other on the track quite a bit.

9. What’s your favorite movie?
Tommy Boy

10. If you weren’t racing, what hobby would you have?
Fixing computers

11. What was your first car number?

12. Where was your first race at?
141 Speedway (on the tar)

13. What is your favorite music group or band?

14. First memory in racing?
Lining up on the track for my 1st enduro with over 100 cars on the track and it started to rain, I had no windshield wipers!

15. How did you pick your current number?
Never really had a favorite number, thought the X looked cool.

16. What is your favorite race track?
Luxemburg Speedway

17. What divisions have you raced in?
Sport 4, IMCA stock car, IMCA northern sportmod

18. What type of driver are you?

19. What type of track do you prefer?

20. Why do you race?
For the thrill, and to have the memories when I’m old.