20 Questions with Marcus Moede

20 Questions with Marcus Moede

Name: Marcus Moede

Age: 28

Division: IMCA Hobby Stock

Hometown: Luxemburg

Car Number: 9

Who was your favorite driver growing up?

Charlie Kroll

Most memorable moment in racing?

Winning the last chance race and making the show at the 2007 IMCA Supernationals.

What’s your favorite food?


What do you drive for a street vehicle?

2001 FordF250 and a 1996 Grand Am

What or who got you into racing?

Me and my brother Derek started racing the same time

How many years have you been racing?

7 years

Most forgettable moment in racing?

Leading Luxemburg feature hoping to get my 1st feature win and my ball joint broke without hitting anything.

Who is your biggest rival/competition?

Used to be Dave DeGrave.

What’s your favorite movie?

Days of Thunder

If you weren’t racing, what hobby would you have?

what else is there?

What was your first car number?


Where was your first race at?

Thunderhill Raceway

What is your favorite music group or band?

anything country.

First memory in racing?

taking my brother Derek out in the bomber division.

How did you pick your current number?

I wanted #8 but Derek had it so i picked 9

What is your favorite race track?

Luxemburg Speedway

What divisions have you raced in?

IMCA Hobby Stock, IMCA stock car

What type of driver are you?


What type of track do you prefer?

Dry Slick because it brings out the driver and not the horsepower.

Why do you race?

Because its in my blood.