20 Questions with Adam Pallex

20 Questions with Adam Pallex

Name: Adam Pallex

Age: 23

Division: IMCA Hobby Stock

Hometown: Algoma

Car Number: 23

Who was your favorite driver growing up?
Tony Bouche

Most memorable moment in racing?
The first time fans came up to me and asked for my autograph.

What’s your favorite food?
Noodles and tomato juice mixed with ring bologna

What do you drive for a street vehicle?
1999 Chevy 2500 Pickup truck

What or who got you into racing?
Tony Bouche-and the trailer race of destruction

How many years have you been racing?
This is my first year racing.

Most forgettable moment in racing?
Foot falling of my gas pedal my first night racing.

Who is your biggest rival/competition?
Anyone in front of me.

What’s your favorite movie?
Hell Ride

If you weren’t racing, what hobby would you have?
Riding my motorcycle!

What was your first car number?

Where was your first race at?
Luxemburg Speedway

What is your favorite music group or band?
Dwight Yoakum

First memory in racing?
Smashing through a boat during the trailer race of destruction

How did you pick your current number?
It’s the same as my Golden Birthday and I wanted a number between Tony and Dave Bouche.

What is your favorite race track?
Madden Raceway

What divisions have you raced in?
IMCA Hobby Stock

What type of driver are you?

What type of track do you prefer?

Why do you race?
Because when I’m old, wrinkled and grey I can say I did it.